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Mid-Atlantic Auto Recovery - VA Repo Honest car thieves are hard to find.....but we do exist! This page is just something I do on the side of running this company and raising my family... please "Like" my page if it catches your attention.
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Operating as usual



The world's most hilarious squirrel feeder.

Outatime Racing

That's hott...

For those who haven't seen it yet the go pro footage of dave nelsons fire burnout last night

Here is the memorial fund that was just started for the family of the 23 year old repo agent that was shot and killed in...
Click here to support Juniors Memorial Fund by R Lawrence

Here is the memorial fund that was just started for the family of the 23 year old repo agent that was shot and killed in Va only 2 weeks after starting in our industry. Please donate to help the family get through this tragic moment in their lives as a death can be very costly for those that are left to deal with it as they mourn. Every penny counts.

It saddens us to say Junior Montero passed away suddenly on June 6, 2014. He left behind a wife, son and so many other family members and friends that loved him. Many have said he was a great person with so many ambitions. The family will have a long road ahead of them and will face many diffic...


I don't know what it is but I really enjoy watching lightning strike horizontally across the sky as I am pulling into a city getting ready to repo something.


It's hard not to feel just a little badly for some people at times...


Ok everybody, time out... no business for a couple days and we hope everyine has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving...

That's a crazy looking cloud...

That's a crazy looking cloud...

Time to go knocking on doors all day…
Time to go knocking on doors all day…

Time to go knocking on doors all day…

I hope to find a lot of good info at the addresses today so we can take as many pins off our maps as possible.


anybody doing anything interesting tonight?


being a repo agent is far more entertaining on good days.... that's 5 so far and the sun hasn't even gone down yet...

Jokes and Quotes

Jokes and Quotes

Seriously Offensive

Seriously Offensive

I guess I'm better at it then he was ... chick


working on changing an industry over here...


this has been a productive Sunday which is needed.... today is a good day..


just got a 3fer at 1 addy... that's good stuff right here .


nothing out there tonight but updates, waisted fuel and lost time... and then I get to bed to realize my 4 year old has taken over my spot in bed.... I should get him with the tazer...lol.. good night peoples..


I have been slacking on this page lately... sorry, but there's a lot of stuff going on right now and I will try to carve out more time to share more on this page soon... I hope everybody is doing well.

Woman To Face Trial in Stabbing
Woman To Face Trial in Stabbing

Woman To Face Trial in Stabbing

The woman accused of stabbing an auto repossession agent who had staked out the Cedar Glen post office to reclaim the vehicle on Feb. 10 was held to answer on four felony counts at her preliminary hearing Tuesday.


I hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable 4th. Too bad I gotta work tonight... someone take some shots for me..


its crazy how many people still have no power. even crazier is that I still don't get caught with their windows open.

Healing with Art

Healing with Art

Mohamed Babu, from India, captured these amazing pictures last year after his wife noticed that ants turned white when they drank milk.

He dissolved sugar in food colouring solutions of red, green, blue and yellow and then placed them in his garden to attract ants. Some of them even moved between the different solutions, resulting in psychedelic colour combinations.




This may hurt a bit. | Night-Import


what a great day to have the windows open.....


There's another successful night... I hope this keeps up...


this morning I got more repos than all last week, my cruise control started working again and I got to pick an ignition.


with these new tires, new shocks and a can of sea foam, my truck feels great....


I love it when the customer acknowledges that you took great care of them. its hard running a company of car thieves.


I love the smell of new rubber on my rims.... and the peace of mind.


everybody we're hunting down is safe till midnight... enjoy ur holiday and be safe people... and don't drink and drive.


Ashburn, VA

The general idea of where you will be heading is Dulles Airport... Once your lienholder is happy or you decide you only want your property, please contact us and set up an appointment to come out.

General information

Forget What You Think You Know About "Repo Companies" - this is not inspired by ratings. 1) We keep in mind that Karma is a Bi%#*. 2) If it wasn't us, you had better believe there is a "next guy". 3) The picks are mighty. We see the occasional guns, and dogs tend not to like us. There are some days that are good and roll right on by, and some seem like they will never end, and we're talking about it. We are a team of friends and family that has our company meetings at NASCAR races, and joke about turning Oscar Meyer Wiener Trucks into undercover repo trucks... We Provide Only Professional Collateral Recovery in the Northern Virginia Area. If our client needs an address ran, we're going to run it. If our scouts find something we want, our recovery agents are going to get it. If the customer leaves ANYTHING in the vehicle, they're going to get it back. If we mess something up, we will fix it and not give the run-around. PERIOD! It's the way things should be. Support us and our mentality.


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