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Cherry Capital Connection Northern Michigan High Speed Internet Access service and telephone service Provider. for support e-mail us at: [email protected]

Cherry Capital Connection is an industry leader in providing fixed point wireless High Speed Internet Access. We focus on Rural Northern Michigan and provide service in a 12 county area. We custom build solutions for neighborhoods. The only reason you do not have High Speed Internet Access is you have not called Cherry Capital Connection. For support call the office extension 2 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Mission: Setting the bar high for delivery of High Speed Internet Access in rural Michigan. Through Fixed Point wireless in support of Fiber to the Home.

What fiber to the home looks like. 88 more homes in July then we start two more communities. Thank you Cheboygan county ...

What fiber to the home looks like. 88 more homes in July then we start two more communities. Thank you Cheboygan county consumers.

House GOP Leaders Unveil Bills to Streamline Broadband Deployment | Inside Towers
House GOP Leaders Unveil Bills to Streamline Broadband Deployment | Inside Towers

House GOP Leaders Unveil Bills to Streamline Broadband Deployment | Inside Towers

Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) and Communications and Technology Subcommittee Republican Leader Bob Latta (R-OR) unveiled a comprehensive package of 26 bills that aim to streamline broadband infrastructure deployment. The legislation would promote new and upgraded...

With C-19 behind us we are moving forward with our efforts to construct multiple towers in Krakow and Presque Isle Towns...

With C-19 behind us we are moving forward with our efforts to construct multiple towers in Krakow and Presque Isle Township. In addition to install two fiber head ends with the ability to service thousands of customers. Will publish a solid timeline next week. Improvements for wireless have been made in Molke (backup feeder) and we should start construction at the PIHA Maintenance facility. We are looking for a location to host our crew campers. With fiber and towers to construct and the first 200 customers to connect we will be in the area all summer.

Our Cheboygan, MI - PFN meet point in the ground.  Merit then PFN then CCC. Great working together

Our Cheboygan, MI - PFN meet point in the ground. Merit then PFN then CCC. Great working together


Krakow township, Presque Isle county, planning commission approved zoning language that aligns with state zoning and federal telecommunication laws. The language is consistent with language changes passed by Presque Isle township language changes approved in March/April. Next step is county planning review and approval then Krakow township BOT approval. This action provides a path to success so CCC will begin the foundation changes on 3 of the 5 tower sites. Two of the sites will be constructed as masts under FCC protection. These are fixed point wireless structures. These are not 5G structures.

Gramp's favorite place to Visit

Gramp's favorite place to Visit

Please help Gramps! As we remember those who gave their lives for our country on Memorial Day, we wanted to honor a WWII Veteran who has made a difference in so many lives. Don Maylone (AKA Gramps) is a former volunteer, professional clown, small business owner, and STILL a mentor and true friend. Here's how YOU can help:
Make Butterfly art. Any Butterflies, any style, crayons are always a hit. Have your kids make Butterfly art. Lots of them. Let's fill Gramp's place (and for all the other residents at his living facility) with BUTTERFLIES. Send your kid's (and yours) art to:

Butterflies For Gramps
Don Maylone, Apt 304
45201 Northpointe Blvd
Utica,. MI. 48315

His mail is detained for Covid concerns, but within days he will receive your art, and share it in the halls of his care facility (aka the butterfly effect!). Please help us honor Gramps, our Veteran Hero, our Bestest Volunteer, Mentor and Friend. Please SHARE #veteransupport #butterflyeffect #WWIIveteran #TogetherAtHome #gtbutterflyzoo #makeadifference

Our new ad

Our new ad

Had some damage at an older site that brought down the tower and three micro towers.  Rebuilt cabinet and reran new wire...

Had some damage at an older site that brought down the tower and three micro towers. Rebuilt cabinet and reran new wire. Outage under 3 hours. Great job team.


Great news. On Thursday PIHA approved the CCC land lease that enables hosting a tower at the maintenance facility. We anticipate getting the signed lease and PI county building permits by middle of this week 05-19-2020. PIHA campground next then the PI township hall. We anticipate Krakow township towers to be approved June 10, 2020. Posen tower is in process.


Presque Isle township has issued Land Use permit. This permit enables Presque County to issue the building permit. Once we receive signed leases we will begin construction of the first PI tower at the PIHA maintenance building area. The second tower will be the PIHA campground and third the PI township hall. We appreciate everyone patience the process outlined by government rules and procedures started in October 2019 and we should start turning dirt end of May. Everyone involved should be applauded only 6 month. Everyone wanted this project to succeed and the delays were not personal they were in place based on laws established and followed.

30 tower sections in the yard and another 40 arrived.  Presque isle township and Krakow township get ready

30 tower sections in the yard and another 40 arrived. Presque isle township and Krakow township get ready


During public comment at this mornings (5/12/2020) Leelanau county BOC meeting at 9:00am we will make these comments. If we run out of time or there are technical issues with the remote meeting we have asked a county commissioner to enter this content into the records and consider these concerns.

Cherry Capital Connection a Modern Telephone company licensed by the Michigan Public Service commission as a CLEC currently leases tower space on all (5) Leelanau County owned tower assets. CCC has been delivering High Speed Internet access and telephone services in Leelanau county over the past 15 years. The LC emergency management group and the LC administration have been professional and thoughtful in all our dealings.


After review CCC concludes that these proposed leases have not studied the harm that will be caused to current Lessees such as CCC. We recommend that these leases be tabled until after there is a county wide study conducted involving all current lessees for all towers to ensure that there are no negative effects to current providers.

The primary concern associated with these leases is related to the following.

A review of the leases with GTB and Aspen wireless contain a number of clerical errors that need to be addressed. More significant are the frequencies to be deployed by these vendors. 5Ghz, not 5G, uses the unlicensed bands between 5.1Ghz and 5.9Ghz. Consumers have demanded high speeds and increased data usage. Current providers have been forced to utilize 80Mhz frequency bands. These wider bands have resulted in over saturating the entire frequency space. Making servicing the current customer base using this frequency challenging. Polluting this already saturated space by adding additional vendors using these frequencies on these towers will make it impossible to service our current customer base causing harm.

This will effect over 400 CCC customers. There is a wide range of unlicensed or lite licensed frequencies that can be used to address the internet needs of LC including the newly authorized 6Ghz and CBRS ranges that have sufficient frequency space with similar deployment costs associated with 5.1 – 5.9 frequencies with limit interference issues. As a lessee we rely on the lessor to protect our unlicensed usage similar to how the FCC protects the licensed frequencies.

GTB Fiber:

CCC has encouraged GTB to construct additional main line fiber throughout LC. The GTB is proposing using a route that interconnects the 5 LC tower assets is a natural route. As a CLEC - CCC has offered to lease or purchase under IRU multiple strands of fiber creating dozens of meet points through out LC in support of our Fiber to the Home delivery. Currently we are limited to AT&T and Spectrum fiber. CCC strategy is to lease routes using at least three separate vendors providing vendor and geographic separation. In addition to encouraging GTB we are working with additional region fiber backbone providers to construct additional routes throughout LC.

Our current 2020 fiber to the home efforts are focusing on an area between Leland and Northport addressing the High speed Internet access needs of over 500 households. Our design is complete and materials have been order. We are moving into the staking and permit stages and plan to start construction July 2020. The Gills Pier project requires permits from LC, the state of Michigan and a number of private associations. CCC construction crews will soon be staging equipment. We are collecting petitions throughout other areas of LC and have received over 1,000 petitions for fiber. The primary townships for 2020 and 2021 are areas of Leelanau, Leland, Suttons Bay, Centerville and Solon.

We are confident with the efforts of the GTB fiber team and other fiber providers, CCC can quickly expand our fiber to the home efforts to include all townships of LC.

Please consider including CCC on the May 19, 2020 agenda. We would be pleased to present our fiber and LTE plans for LC and to answer any questions.


Krakow cancels tonight ZBA meeting regarding our personal wireless facilities suspending our completed application. MI zoning enabling act 90 day clock still ticking. Delays our ability to deliver services. Let us see what is next.


Presque Isle township planners approved our three site plans and issues special use permits. We were please to provide technical support in conducting a remote meeting. Next steps associated with our personal wireless facilities, land use permits, land leases, county building permits, and construction. The process to obtain these permits started in late October 2019. The PI planners (Tom and his team) and ZA (Steve) worked with deliberate effort doing to get this process completed. Thank you all for your support. Timeline for CCC is to move the Proof of Concept from a contract line item to an action item. We will ask the PIBOT to process our POC request. May 5 we are asking Krakow township to process our variance requests so we can service long lake.

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The Presque Isle MEDC grant project is moving into Proof of Concept phase. This phase requires CCC to deliver services to an approved service location. To complete the Proof Of Concept we require approval by Presque Isle planning to approve our site plan and issue a Land use permit. Everything seems to be in order and we are confident all permits and leases will be approved and signed. In the comments we will answer some questions and we will be at the meetings to answer questions as directed by the planners. Please like Cherry Capital Connection on Facebook. or visit

(c)2020 Cherry Capital Communications  |  PO Box 866  |  Elk Rapids, MI  49629  |  231-264-9970  |  855-674-4159

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Presque isle township planning meeting on April 30. for meeting specifics. CCC has been very pleased with the pre review of the application. Feedback we have received was positive and we addressed all items outlined in the ordinance. Since this is the first remote meeting for PI CCC is providing technical resources to assist PI planning chairperson Tom. Planners have participated in free training provided by CCC. We normally encourage public participation, however, being their first remote meeting care in the level of participation is suggested. Lower numbers of participation will help in moderating the meeting and curticy during the meeting will help in encouraging more remote participation meetings. Notice of the Krakow township remote ZBA meeting forthcoming.

When you call in you will be placed in a meeting room until the moderator and host are ready.  This meeting hosted by C.C.C. and under the full control of the township.


Getting ready to build some distribution centers and increasing our capacity.


Cherry Capital connection has been asked to assist in developing a process for remote public meetings. Our ability to deliver High Speed Internet access has been significantly delayed based on public meetings being cancelled.

Cherry Capital Connection, LLC technical staff has reviewed a number of conference call and webinar platforms available. Each has there pros and cons. Based on our review of the MI executive order regarding the Open Meetings act we identified the following features as key to being in compliance.
1. The ability to control the conversation,
a. Raising a hand to speak,
b. Muting a conversation,
c. Multiple Co-Hosts.
2. The ability to share documents and screen sharing,
3. Provide local number dialing for participation,
4. Provide a toll free number access,
5. Provide the ability to raise your hand to speak,
6. Create multiple environments one for the general public and one for the commissioners or committee members,
7. The ability to record the meeting,
8. Conference phone capabilities supporting a large open space such as the community center,
9. Setting up a meeting in advance and tailored to your meeting needs,
10. Provide the ability to participate,
a. With a simple "plan O telephone" (flip phone, landline, etc)
b. VoIP phone,
c. A smart phone / tablet,
d. A computer
There may be other features that you feel may be required and we welcome your feedback. This solution requires 2 products to take full advantage of all features: 1) Zoom Pro and 2)Cherry Capital Connection voice conferencing.
Toll free number calling added an excessive per meeting cost when using cloud based solutions, so we have incorporated the C.C.C. conference meeting capabilities to zoom to provide a cost effective toll free solution. The township may elect to purchase their own zoom account or we will moderate your meeting using or license as free service to the community during this C-19 event.
For members of the commission that want to be a co-host you will need to load zoom on your co-hosting computer or smart phone and will need High Speed Internet access. Those that want to participate using their dial in phone will be provided a local number, for those that want a toll free number they can participate but will be limited by group controls. We can provide you a web page for the specifics and links to how to conduct a remote meeting for people to review prior to any meeting.
Here is a list of what the participants can do if they call into a Zoom meeting through the Toll number (not a CCC toll free number) provided on the invitation.
• *6 – Mute/Unmute Self (if host or co-host allows)
• *9 – Raise Hand for Host or co-host Attention
The host has a list of commands they can use themselves if they need to call into the meeting.
• *4 - End the meeting for all participants
• *5 - Lock or Unlock the meeting
• *6 - Mute or unmute yourself
• *7 - Start or Stop Recording
Note: all participants in the meeting will be notified when recording is stopped or started.
• *# - Hear the number of participants in the meeting (excluded toll free number calling)
• 99 - Mute or unmute all participants
These phone only features were key to our decision to select Zoom with C.C.C. toll free incorporated


In response to the C-19 directives we are relocating sales and telephone support to home offices. Field teams are maintaining and improving the network. Your ability to communicate through the internet to enable your access to 911, c-19 updates and your families is important to us and critical during this time. We ask that you be patient with CCC as we make every attempt to service your internet and telephone connection.

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Fact Covid-19 has impacted our economy brick and mortar businesses. CCC provided services plays a role in delivering the essential services for the data driven economy and supports the brick and mortar economy. Please respect our staff and their health as we increase our efforts to increase capacity and respond to your issues. Contact and we will respond. These changes are challenging, however, we will respond with your help and will rise above the moment.

(c)2020 Cherry Capital Communications  |  PO Box 866  |  Elk Rapids, MI  49629  |  231-264-9970  |  855-674-4159


We have purchased a limited number of additional conference call orientated devices and established conference call in numbers to assist local government in conducting public meetings. Participation in the government process is essential, however, with gathering restrictions staying home and calling in is a great alternative.


Heading to Dallas Tx this month to discuss the timeline of moving all our CCC WiFi customers to a LTE platform. This initial move would allow a 5G transition though software. Exciting new technology based on new standards that will enhance our region. This would bring a new positive level of customer experience while we build out our network.


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