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Helping women entrepreneurs build and grow their business by working LESS and making MORE!


Pandemic prices are coming to an end - on Friday (May 8th) prices will return to normal. Get your spot reserved to snag 50% off before it’s too late!

▶️ Kajabi Sales Page Design: $197 (normally $397)
▶️ Kajabi Website Design Intensive: $1k (normally $2k)
▶️ Kajabi Course Design Intensive: $1k (normally $2k)


Which would be more helpful and beneficial for you?

A Digital Course Resource Library packed with resources such as guides, checklists, swipe files, etc. to help you create your course


A step-by-step mini training on how to create a course that is ACTUALLY going to sell and how to set it up for success the first time?

4 Business Trends Emerging From COVID-19
4 Business Trends Emerging From COVID-19

4 Business Trends Emerging From COVID-19

The world has certainly slowed down lately, leaving a lot of business owners either scrambling or strategizing. A few trends are emerging, and if considered, could give your business an edge up.

Some client love from this morning 🥰Just $197 for sales page designs until the end of the week just an FYI 😉 (normally $...

Some client love from this morning 🥰
Just $197 for sales page designs until the end of the week just an FYI 😉 (normally $397)




What are your thoughts about having a digital course that launches a few times a year with open and close dates vs. having a course that runs all the time (evergreen)?

I’d love to know your thoughts, opinions and questions below! 🙏🏻⬇️


I don’t know about you but I’ve seen SO many fast food commercials this past week advertising their meals and deals but shifting their message by saying “our drive thru is open and taking every precaution to deliver your food safely”.

This is the exact same thing you should be doing in your business.

Yes, this time of uncertainty is scary but you shouldn’t stop selling your services or offers. SHIFT YOUR MESSAGING but don’t stop selling. People still want to see you, hear from you and buy from you.

McDonalds and Taco Bell Know you still want those Big Macs and Crunchwraps...your people still want your service and offers!

I promise 💗






We know this is a *crazy* time to be a human, much less a business owner, and we want to do our part to make things a little bit easier. ❤️

So here are a few decisions we've made to help:

👉We doubled the limit of our free plan from 50 to 100 to give you more room to test + grow...and this will be our new normal for the free plan. You can sign up for that here:

👉We've added a 10 month payment plan to both of our lifetime licenses (if you're currently on a payment plan, and want to switch, let us know at [email protected]!) to bring down the monthly price even more

👉There is now a coupon code to use when signing up for a monthly paid plan that gives you the first month for free. Just use CALM when signing up inside your MV account (go top right, admin > account plans)

👉 Go through our new free Quick Start training if you want help getting familiar with your MV account (along with some email swipes for important milestone moments for your people). Get it:

We'll also be adding more free trainings, strategy podcast episodes to stick in your ear for inspiration and other ways to support you as much as we can as things progress.

We're in this together -- all of us in our own little puddles of laptop glow, worldwide.


Other companies shifting to make this experience easier:

Loom has extended their free plan, and dropped their paid plan pricing (we use their tool almost daily!) -

Tyler McCall has opened up a free group to support entrepreneurs in finding answers to their questions -

By Regina has opened a free group to support newly online businesses in figuring out their new business model -

Lots of awesome MV users making smart, supportive pivots. Read, and share your own story here inside our MV Collaborative group:

And if you're feeling STRESSED, FREAKED OUT, ANXIOUS, PANICKED (which I'm thinking all of us have felt at some point in the past week/s), this is a great listen/read:


If I were to put together a Course Creator Vault that is JAM PACKED with course creation resources such as templates, guides, video trainings, etc. would you be interested?

Things that would be covered/included in the Vault would be:

➡️ Video training on how to create a course that people will ACTUALLY buy (because yes, there IS a way to predict this!)
➡️ Trello templates to organize, map out and outline your course
➡️ Video training on how to strategically create your modules and lessons in a way that will get your students results
➡️ How to package and price your course (at a price that feels good to you and is a complete no-brainer to your students!)
➡️ and more!

And here’s the CRAZY’ll only be $27! 🤯😱

Searching for business advice as you venture off into entrepreneurship?Check out this blog post 💗
Entrepreneurship Advice From 6 Successful Business Owners

Searching for business advice as you venture off into entrepreneurship?

Check out this blog post 💗

Entrepreneurship is hard, like really hard. Here's advice from 6 successful business owners about the first year online.


If I could help you get 20-30 ideal student leads for your online course WITHOUT ads, sales funnels or anything techy, would you be interested?

Organic raspberry confidence. Got it! ✅

Organic raspberry confidence. Got it! ✅



"Kajabi has literally changed my life AND the way I run my online business. I have been helping new, and aspiring course creators build & design their courses on the Kajabi platform for a few years now, and I have never come across a platform that was so simple and so fun to work in! What I love most about Kajabi is how everything is in one place - it really helps my funnels and systems flow. I also love the customization of the courses & memberships (obviously!)." 🗣 Courtney Michelle

Kajabi Partner Courtney understands starting any new platform may be overwhelming. Her advice for those looking to join Kajabi 👉 "Just do it! If you're looking to scale your business with online courses, easy-flowing sales funnels and professional looking websites... Kajabi is the way to go! ...take it one step at a time, and use the Kajabi Facebook Community to your advantage! That is where I got most of my questions answered when I first started."

What was your experience first jumping into the platform? Drop your comments below!


Did you know that I migrate online courses and programs over from Clickfunnels, Teachable, Thinkific, etc. to KAJABI for my clients on a DAILY basis?

Well if ya don’t know, now ya know 💁🏼‍♀️😜

If you’ve been thinking about migrating over to Kajabi, send me a message! I’ll share my package details with you! My team and I make it INSANELY stress-free and EXCITING for you to make the switch, I promise 😉🙏🏻



If you’ve been wanting to create an online course or program but: you have too many ideas, find yourself stuck when sitting down to outline, need guidance on how to create a course people will ACTUALLY buy...this is for YOU.

I’m SO excited to be launching my new 1:1 30 Day Course Creation Intensive service! But before the official service launch, I’m looking to guide just 5 biz owners through my signature process to make sure it’s the absolute BEST it can be! ☺️

I’ve helped over hundreds of new, and aspiring course creators with narrowing down their ideas, validating which offer their audience was craving, creating an outline and literally creating a creation process they can use for future offers!

For this beta round, I only have 5 spots available. Once their filled, that’s it.

This is literally the FULL service, so you get 1:1 access to me as well as a step-by-step process that’ll guide you to create a course or program your audience will eagerly pay for!

If you’re ready to FINALLY get some guidance in creating a course that could possibly change your life (passive income, more impact, more income, a chance to scale your existing biz, etc.) THIS is your opportunity.

Comment below or send a DM if you want to snag a spot! I’ll send more details! 🔥


Re-Opened my original FB group and it feels soooo good to be back and have my little space on the internet again 🥰✨☺️

Join me! ➡️ Course Creation & Launch Strategy for Entrepreneurs



People are already telling you what they want. You just have to listen.

Courtney Michelle & Co

Courtney Michelle & Co

Stop second guessing your big change, girlfriend 💗

Stop second guessing your big change, girlfriend 💗


What a great day to share some REALLY exciting news! 🔥🙌🏻

I am so honored to be a speaker at the Social Media in the Next Decade Online Summit! This is my FIRST summit, and I’m beyond thrilled!!!

It’s going to be pretty badass, if I say so make sure you register (100% FREE), and learn from me and a bunch of other entrepreneurs about how to scale your business in 2020 with social media! 🔥📈

Learn more and register here:


One of the biggest mistakes I see new course creators make is...figuring out the tech stuff last minute.

Does this sound familiar?

➡️ Sitting on support chat the night before your webinar, challenge or course launch trying to get everything to “flow”.

➡️ Banging your head against your desk watching YouTube video tech tutorials...quickly realizing the tasks you need to do are going to take you FOREVER.

➡️ Getting emails from people who have registered for your webinar, challenge, video series, etc. saying the links aren’t working or they haven’t received emails they were supposed to get - so you RUN to your computer and try to figure it out yourself - which results in a huge stress casserole!

➡️ Realizing that you should have had someone help you lay out, build, automate AND test out your tech systems BEFORE launching.

You’ve spent COUNTLESS hours, days, weeks and even months creating this course...don’t put yourself in the position for these things to happen to you.

So how exactly CAN you ensure these things won’t happen?

1️⃣ Have your launch process mapped out and figured out ahead of time. Sit down and figure out what systems and platforms you’ll be using and see how well they integrate together. If they don’t flow easily - find something easier! (Obviously I recommend Kajabi!)

2️⃣ Map our your “plan”. What emails are you going to be sending out? When are they going to be sent out? Whah types of landing pages do you need to create (sales page, registration page, thank you page, etc.)? How do you want things to be automated? Figure this all out before anything! It’s SO nice having a plan! (I recommend Trello to map everything out!)

3️⃣ If tech isn’t your forte and you have no desire to learn it...hire the tech pieces out for your launch! (Message me, I do this! 😉). Instead of trying to DIY, you can ensure everything will be done + hooked up correctly the FIRST TIME. Launches are stressful enough. Imagine a launch where you don’t have to stress about the things above?

4️⃣ Test, test and test. Whether you do everything yourself or hire out the tech, make sure you test everything out. When I say everything I mean...register yourself and go through the user experience. Make sure you get the emails, make sure you’re being directed to the right pages and make sure you test out your buying experience for your course! TEST THE EXPERIENCES YOUR USER WILL GO THROUGH so you know it’s working!

My job is to help YOU get your course out there - and quickly! Your course is going to be a HUGE life and business changer: more income, more impact, more opportunities, etc. It very well could be a six or seven figure offer...and here you are letting something as simple as the tech hold you back.

Get. It. Out. There.
XO, Courtney 😘


I’m opening up my NEW Facebook group next week specifically for the new, and aspiring course creator who is looking for support with creating, building & launching their courses, programs and membership sites!

Weekly live-streams, guest experts, free resources I don’t offer ANYWHERE else, and a place to feel 110% safe and judgement-free while asking for help.

I’d love to have you!

You can request to join here (we are opening next week!):

Seriously though 💗💸

Seriously though 💗💸

Hosted a Course Creation Intensive today! I designed this amazing course in the Kajabi platform in less than 8 hours! 🙃I...

Hosted a Course Creation Intensive today! I designed this amazing course in the Kajabi platform in less than 8 hours! 🙃

I walk away feeling proud + accomplished, my client walks away ready to launch her course! 🙌🏻💸

Interested in my one day course design intensives? Learn more here:


I'm looking for 5 course creators who want to implement a simple method that generates more profit and scales your online course - quickly! 💨

I'll show you exactly what to do. It's simple and it works 🔥💸📈

We start Monday.

If you want to learn more, please type PROFIT into the comments below. I'll reach out shortly :)


FIVE solid reasons why it’s important (+ smart) to create an online course (OR to get the course you already started or created LAUNCHED!):

1️⃣ You have the knowledge and expertise. God did not put this idea in your heart to put it on the back burner. You have this idea for a reason!

2️⃣ Helps you position yourself as an expert. Let your peeps know that YOU KNOW YOUR 💩!

3️⃣ Passive income. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to payment notifications or get paid while playing with your kids at the park on a Monday afternoon!?

4️⃣ Don’t have time in your business? Okay. Make the time to create a course and then create a automated sales process for it. Having an online course will HELP you have more time in your business because you can automate your teaching + magic! 🔥

5️⃣ How much more people do you think you could impact with a course, rather than working 1:1? Like a crap ton! Your goal is to impact the lives of others while creating a life of freedom for yourself, right?

I know, these seem like answers you may already know. gets in the way, business becomes crazy and it’s so easy to make excuses for NOT creating your course and getting it out there.

This is your Friday reminder that you are SO close to having all of these things - you just have to put in the effort now, so that you don’t have to later 💗

Much love,



I’m on a mission to help 10 business owners launch their digital course with my GSN Method (Get Students Now), in just 6 weeks - without the complicated tech + design! Whose with me!?

PS: I am working with a few people 1:1 already on this, and one of my clients made over $18k in just 3 DAYS! It’s mind-blowing how simple + seamless this is. I’ve never been more proud! 😭🥰


If you’re wondering what platform to host your course or program on, I highly recommend checking out the MemberVault platform! So simple, easy to navigate and has amazing features you will LOVE!

Watch this video to get an inside look of MemberVault and one of my friends Sarah Mascis Mood Board Challenge hosted on the platform! So pretty 😍

The Vault Webshow: Episode 1 with Sarah Masci

This is a great watch for anyone curious about seeing a beautiful, successful MV account with a mix of product offers -- both the public view, and behind-the-scenes. (A big THANK YOU to Sarah Masci from Bracken House Branding Co. for being willing to show both! 🙌)

Sarah has a 1:1, a free series, a free challenge, a mini course and a group course -- some of which are available, and some are waitlist products. 🙌

((Oh, and side note: you can hire Sarah to revamp your MV if you love the look of hers. She's a popular hire for our community!))

Check out Sarah's MV account here:


👉"When you use MV for your 1:1 services, they are kind of blown away because they aren't getting that from other service providers that they work with. They are impressed with how professional it looks."

👉"MV is a living breathing ecosystem of all the things that I offer to my students, clients, to people that are just learning about who I am and what I offer. It's a fun playground for me that I can use to control my income and where my business is going."

👉"I use my Wordpress site as a front face where people typically find me, a few landing pages and sales pages on Wordpress, and then everything else feeds into MemberVault. I also use ThriveCart for my check outs, Acuity for scheduling and ActiveCampaign for email."

7:50 - learn more about how Sarah ran her challenge using MV
8:45 - get a peek at the back-end of Sarah's account
11:39 - what are hot leads, and how does an engaged account look like
12:35 - feedback Sarah heard from her people about the challenge
14:30 - a common issue with challenges, and how using MV can help you avoid it
15:20 - why Sarah likes a tweak she made on this version of her live challenge
18:00 - Sarah's advice if you're just getting started or are stalled out with your MV

"More than anything people loved the one click log in. They opted in, got on my email list, and went into an email automation sequence in ActiveCampaign. Every day for the 5 days, they got an email. There was no challenge content in the email, all it was was "hey, welcome, blah blah, click here to watch/read today's lesson with a one click log in".

I was hesitant to use MV vs using email for my challenge, because I was worried about people having to log in and I've always used email. But using the one click link, people loved how professional the challenge was and I didn't have any tech issues. It was so cool to see people logging in every day, instead of tapering off like they usually do."

"Even if you don't have your course or anything ready to sell, throw up a quick super simple waitlist using MemberVault -- getting people on your account, seeing what's coming and then you have their email when you're ready to share."


Check out Sarah's MV account here:


303 Templeton Ave
Girard, PA


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