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Maxser Group Maxser Group - Our goal is to assess, recommend, review and adjust so that an organization functions and achieves the envisioned results.

Empowering business owners to achieve success in their areas of expertise, eliminate the overwhelming feelings usually associated with development and growth, to allow professionals to positively impact their communities and beyond.

Mission: • To provide leaders with the information, tools and partnership needed to grow and develop their vision of success with sustainable, accountable and transparent solutions. • To renew the passion, hope and promise of leaders by advising and developing strategies to achieve organizations vision of success. • To help with starting a business, launching successfully and to help existing businesses/organizations grow.

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Building Dreams with real Success Strategies! We've been building communities and programs to better serve you.   Your S...

Building Dreams with real Success Strategies!
We've been building communities and programs to better serve you. Your Success is Non-Negotiable when you're making Real Dreams Happen!


Happy New Year!!! Much success and blessings to each one of you in 2014! This is the year to carry your dreams to reality. Can't wait to hear what the year has in store for you.


Powerplay day....determine today to do one thing in your business that scares you the most, but you know will help your it in 2014. It is time to walk our dreams into reality.


Here we go ago...the stock market (including your 401k, 457, 403b) maybe heading south with our current government uncertainty. This trend is nothing new. Every few years there is a drop and you have to stay in the market to make up your loss. There will always be losses in the market, but now you can lock in and stop the losses. Send me a message, I will share with you the free secret of upside gains and no downside losses. I can even show you how you can have lifetime income. It is time to share the truth...Be Blessed through the journey.


A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children. This is not impossible. Your 401k is designed to cover your retirement and most of us will outlive what we have saved. There are insurance products that can provide you with lifetime income (yes income while you are still living), cover long term care if you become disabled, and still provide insurance for final expenses. This can all be done for less than the cost of your daily coffee or one lunch a week. You can begin creating wealth for you and your family today. Pray for wisdom, hear and take action!


Dreams deferred...we have all had to deal with this at one time or another. Blessings may be missed or given away (as Esau found out), but God's promises are His commitments and He will assure they will come to pass. (God made promises to Abram, to Mary, to Joseph and the list could go on). The way may not be clear to us all the time, but know that God's promises do not return void. What He begins, He will complete. Dream big and stand steadfastly in God's Promises. Pray, hear and move....Be Blessed through the Journey!


Take a risk in confidence today. Overcome that one thing today that has been getting in your way. It is not always the big things. It may simply be a follow-up with a client that you owned them on Monday. This is a get it done day. Walk in your authority and promises. Pray, hear, receive and move!!


In the month of May, we decided to do something different. Commit to 4 weeks of evaluating, praying, hearing and moving. Since that time I committed to studying for my insurance license. Everything got in the way, including, having to reschedule the test after arriving to take it, travel for a week and leaving my power cord at home (no studying that week) and an IRS audit. Through it all God said these are distractions. He challenged me to surrender unconditionally and trust Him completely. Easily said, but doing it had to be a conscience decision with everything. What is God telling you to lay down, so that He can move you forward? Maxser is expanding, not because I passed an exam, but because I got out of the way and surrendered my success to God. Now that I have laid it all down, I can see, it is as easy as that. Only God! :-) Pray, Receive and Move!! Be Blessed in the Journey.


Confidence in the Lord in every area of our lives (personal, professional and ministry), knowing that everything is for our success, no matter how it may appear. Our challenge is to give it all to God and trust in His perfect outcome. Whatever decision you are facing, give it to the Lord totally and watch Him work for your good and His glory.
Pray, receive and move!! Be Blessed in the journey.


Pray, rest, hear and move...the prescription to growing a business according to God's plan. It may be easier to follow the path of least resistance with everyone else, but when you know God wants more, take the leap of faith into your greatness. Greatness is found in the impossible. Look for the impossible. Pray about it, rest in God, hear what He tells you and move assured of victory.


Food for Thought: Are you in Partnership with a Partaker? Knowing the difference can save time and headache.

Partners work together to takes part in an undertaking with another with shared risks and profits.

Partaker is someone who has or gives or receives a part or a share. The distribution is not necessarily equals, but all involved take part and have the opportunity to receive.

In business, it is important to ask for Godly wisdom when determining what we are entering into.

Great examples of each include Simon Peter. The first is relates to partnership. In Luke, Simon Peter signaled to their partners to help with the multitude of fish. The partner had their own vessel to assist. The other is in 2 Peter; we have the opportunity to be partakers of the divine nature because of the knowledge of him that has called us to glory and virtue. The first is a joint effort; the second access is given because of Jesus.

As you walk forward in joint ventures be clear on the expectations of all involved. Define responsibilities before entering into any agreement. How to stay in success…Pray and Move!


Successful people aren't necessarily smarter or more blessed than others. They just try so many things and fail until something works out. As we guide our businesses with Godly wisdom, try something new in your business this week. Look at what has not worked and know your Success is at hand. Remember to pray and move.


When obstacles (professional or personal) come your way, look up and pray first. Then ask for strategies to move forward one step at a time. There is a saying, how do you eat an bite at a time. Don't allow any obstacles to stop you from achieving your goal. Claim your success and walk into your victory. Have a powerful weekend.


Set up your workout program. Schedule time to read something or attend training to empower and improve. An intellectual workout is as important to your health as a physical workout for the body.


Do one thing today to impact tomorrow. Everything we pour into ourselves is active or takes up space. Today, start paying attention to those things that are dormant. Should you activate or cut away? Whatever you choose, will prepare you for a better tomorrow. Maxser Development Process...Pray and move.


So what are we doing today? I am traveling, but before I lay my head down tonight I will be praying for God to continue to reveal His strategies. By the end of this week, one goal will be achieved big or small. Many times we get caught up having to do the big thing or we start running before it is time. We are in a season of overwhelming evidence. With that the vision is revealed and instructions for things to occurs start to manifest. We are active participants in our purpose and success. Ask and it shall be given. Here is a real time download. We have to be open to those who are part of our purpose team. There are professionals in your circle, near or far, who can add value to your clients and you to their group. Strategic Alliances is the key for this week. Nothing has to be finalized, but start building the relationships. Keep your eyes and ears open. God has His best prepared for you. Be Blessed and keep walking in faith.


Maxser is growing and we want to share the transformation with you. Everything we do is about providing maximum service is vision and facilitation. We (Regyna Cooper and James Cooper) will be sharing our vision for Maxser Group. We are excited and trust the journey will be helpful in inspiring others to move forward into your next level. In addition, you will be seeing updates from Business owners who are successful and walking in faith. You will be hearing from people who have overcome obstacles and never gave up on what was possible. So we are excited for the next four weeks, join us is the challenge to be greater and to serve more. Stay plugged in.


We have created this forum for business professional to post question and get feedback from our team or the Maxser Facebook community. Everything from professional to personal development questions are up for discussion. Our mission is to provide business owners with answers to achieve success and balance in all areas of life. Our overall all goal is to make Your Success Non-Negotiable!!


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