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KCMO Bookkeeping We handle your daily bookkeeping work and watch over cash-flow.

Bookkeepers handle your daily bookkeeping work. They record transactions and watch over cash-flow. As a business owner, bookkeeping is one of the last things your want to be doing. Use your precious time instead to grow your business and let us handle your daily bookkeeping, payroll or financial reports. We will also work with your CPA

It's about time!!
John Legere

It's about time!!

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Andrew Argue, CPA
Andrew Argue, CPA

Andrew Argue, CPA

You need a license to be a taxi driver. You need a license to run a hotel. You need a license to be an accountant.

Not anymore. The world is changing and it’s changing FAST. And for those of us on the right side of history, there are opportunities to capitalize on this new wave and make out with a deal better than the purchase of Manhattan Island from the Indians for a few thousand Beaver skins and some oak wood...

You might be thinking…

“But Andrew isn’t accounting just an old crusty business where everyone’s competing on the exact same thing and they’ve been doing it for decades.”

Yes. For most people.

But for a select few, things have changed.

If you want to learn how to start and grow your own accounting, tax or financial consulting practice, check out my new training here: AndrewArgue.com/Training

While most of the industry is snoozing along sticking to low end bookkeeping clients and individual tax preparation…

There’s an entirely new crop of entrepreneurial accountants being bred to think, innovate, and create new high-value niche services that have never existed before...

Rather than simply copy their ancestors' costly mistakes.

I honestly believe accounting is one of the best businesses to start and grow in today’s day and age because:

- Accounting isn’t going anywhere. While the old school accountants are getting wiped out, the industry is solid as a rock
- You can work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop
- Once you get a client, they’ll stay with you for 7 years on average
- And once you build this business, it is stable recurring revenue and an asset you can sell
- Accountants are the most trusted advisors in a very sensitive area of a small business owners life - MONEY & FINANCES!

And yes, you don’t need a degree, or even any experience to get started with your own practice.

The days of needing 10 years of education, work experience, and licenses are OVER!

One of my clients does over 800k/yr on her practice and has nothing but a high school diploma.

But I know you’re skeptical. Most people interested in accounting and taxes are…

So I’m not asking you to believe me.

What I AM asking you do to is: Give me a chance to prove it to you. It won’t cost anything other than a few minutes of your time, is that fair?

I mean, it’s probably worth your time to learn about starting the #1 most profitable small business on the planet!

If so, you want to head over to:

You’ll hear…
- The step by step process you can use to start and grow an accounting, tax, or financial coaching practice from scratch even if you don’t have a degree, license, or job experience.

- The 3 biggest fear you need to overcome to go from ground zero to 250k/yr on your practice in just a few months

- Case studies of dozens of people that are using these methods to get real results

- How to pick a niche that’s like taking candy from a baby, rather than try to take it from a Sumo Wrestler

- And most importantly, how to spend time on marketing efforts that directly result in calendar appointments and high paying clients.

Plus a whole lot more!

Hey, all I’m asking is that you watch the training and hear me out.

It’s waiting for you here:

KCMO Bookkeeping

KCMO Bookkeeping

Don't suffer in silence! Call us (231) 299-0696

Don't suffer in silence! Call us (231) 299-0696

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As a business owner, bookkeeping is one of the last things your want to be doing. Instead use your precious time to grow your business and let us handle your daily bookkeeping, payroll or financial reports. Having been in the bookkeeping and accounting industry for over a decade, we understand the workflow and process involved in providing exceptional full cycle bookkeeping and accounting services to clients. We will record your transactions and watch over your cash-flow. We will also work with your CPA.

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